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Full Service Agency

The Sacred CEO® Boutique Agency

An Intersectional Business Approach For Impact Driven Leaders Craving Hands On Support

We Help Feminist Leaders Build & Manage The Systems Needed To Scale Their Digital Brands Without The Problematic Practices.

Ready To Ethically Scale Your Digital Business?

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Matter of fact, we intentionally do things differently, here’s how...​

Who We Are:

An Intersectional Feminist Approach

In Short, We're Real Human Beings

With extensive training in a multitude of modalities and fields, we strategically integrate an array of different lenses into every component of the work we do with ALL our clients. 

This is intersectional business.

We are NOT a quick-fix solution for burning businesses whose only aim is fast cash and massive profit without any concern for the impact of their actions.​

Our Agency is designed to support values-aligned business owners who’ve grown as far as they can go on their own and are ready to receive a high level of support from our entire team.

Is this you?

Our Agency is best for folks who:​

  • Are established in their business and have proven offer(s) generating consistent client results.

  • Earning AT LEAST $100k in annual business revenue OR have been working extensively in their field for a prolonged period of time and are ready to make the full transition into entrepreneurship (we may make exceptions on a case-by-case basis).

  • Desire a more streamlined and automated approach for growing and are craving support on systems development and/or implementation.

  • Only want to be in the creative seat of their business and want to leave the operations to a well-trusted team that knows technology like the back of their hand without having to hire in-house.

We don’t believe in doing it all for you, we believe in doing it WITH You.



This means we are incredibly particular about WHO we choose to take on and ensuring our companies are values-aligned.

01 Where you've been

Comprehensive Company Assessment

We kick off the initial onboarding process with a deep dive into data collection. We’ll thoroughly investigate and explore the inner workings of your company’s offers, sales processes, branding & messaging, marketing, client delivery experience, and general operations.

We’ll also ask you and your team members to track a time diary that you’ll share to help us see how time is being spent within your company and better grasp the potential scalability of your business based on actual data.

Finally, we’ll analyze this data in our custom Product Scalability Analysis™ Framework that will project estimates of your company’s scaling potential, including its owners’ operational costs, profit margins, and owners pay.

How’s that for onboarding?

All of what we’ve outlined here is done BEFORE we schedule our first of 2 meetings at which point, we move into step 2…

Exploration & Visioning

02 Where you're going

Once we’ve collected all of the data we need from you and have thoroughly reviewed it, we’ll put together our initial assessment of the company and bring it to a 3-hour deep dive meeting with you and your core team members to review together.

On this call, we’ll begin exploring what your actual vision is for yourself and your company, gathering the subjective data that often, spreadsheets just don’t provide. This will include better understanding your personal and professional goals, desires, needs and hopes for the future.

We’ll also use this time to ask more in-depth questions to help us better understand any aspects of the assessment that may have been left unclear.

We’ll wrap this meeting and our team will get to work integrating all of the information you’ve shared with us about your grand vision and orienting it towards our suggested strategies to help you scale.

03 how to get there

Roadmap For Sustainable Scaling

This is the final presentation of our onboarding process and usually takes place the following week after our team has compiled all the data and developed your long-term and short-term strategies for scaling your company.

We’ll present these strategies and the core projects suggested in a digestible timeline that you can choose to either implement on your own OR hire us to complete the projects outlined based on the custom proposal we’ll have written up for you;

Obviously, we’d love to do it for you but we know that may not always be an option for everyone so we prefer to give you the choice to stop here or keep going.

Let’s sum that up with your deliverables for JUST the Intersectional Business Intensive:​


It can be hard to imagine what all of this looks like in action, especially if systems and operations aren’t your things; This is why we’ve decided to provide a few examples of what you may receive at the end of your intensive.

This is the document we’d present to you during our FINAL call after we complete all of our assessments and data collection of your company. We’ll walk through each section in detail to ensure everything feels crystal clear.


This document you’d walk away with outlines your five short-term and five long-term strategies over the next 6-12 months, with a breakdown of each project’s KPIs for completion.

Once you receive this document, you can either take it and implement it yourself OR hire our team to do it all for you, where we’ll build an entire automated eco-system inside ClickUp.

This is more than enough for some folks, and they’re ready to take this found clarity and put it straight into action. Often, these folks have the time and mental/emotional capacity to do it all themselves.

But often, this is just the tip of the iceberg and a small appetizer of the 5-course meal that lies ahead.

If you get to the end of your Intensive and are ready for even more, You'll have your custom proposal for continuing to work with our Agency.

Transitioning From Business Intensive To Full Service Agency Client

If you’re ready to become a Full-Service Agency Client, we’re delighted to bring you on board; Next, you can walk through a brief outline of what to expect as an FSAC

Time To Make Some Magic


Investment Expectations

Full-Service Agency Clients typically start with a minimum 5-month container that averages around $4,000/month based on the custom proposal and assessment of your business needs.

Please note that pricing and timeframes may very based on what the actual key finding are in your business and the level of complexity that’s required to support your desired outcome.

Here’s what you can expect inside our Full Service Agency:


  1. We’ll onboard you into our ClickUp client management portal and set up your custom workspace with all of your project outlines for you to easily keep track of – Don’t worry if you’re not a huge technology fan, we’ll teach you how to master the platform in minutes.

  2. We’ll begin your full CRM setup and/or migration from any of the software you’re currently using and rebuild it all (even better) on ScaleUP so our team can easily manage.

  3. We’ll have a 90-minute kick-off call to lay down the ground rules about our company policies, practices, and ways we love to communicate to ensure we’re all on the same page.
  4. We’ll collect all login details, brand assets, and any other files needed to begin on projects.
  1. Each week, we’ll meet for 60 minutes to go over objectives for the week, collect updates on projects, and provide consultation and guidance on anything that may be present. We’ll then take those meeting notes and delegate tasks appropriately.
  2. We’ll continue implementing each of the strategies agreed upon during our initial intensive and provide progress reports as we work our magic.
  3. Each month, we’ll send your company a total sales and financial report so you can easily see your company’s growth and assess what campaigns have performed best.

Ongoing deliverables

Your Investment:

$6k Deposit To Secure Your Spot and Begin The Onboarding Process then 5 Monthly Payments of $4k


You have the option to purchase JUST the Business Intensive experience without being required to invest any further. If the BI (Business Intensive) is enough for you and you feel complete after the container, we’ll gladly off board you and hand over any documents we’ve created.

The short answer is yes. The long answer depends and is based on what we assess during your Business Intensive. If you’re someone who needs A LOT of support and will require a more complex build-out and management from our team, we estimate the total investment will be closer to $20,000 or 5 monthly payments of $4,000.

If you’re someone needing less touch maintenance and only want to take on a minimal amount of services, you can expect to invest close to $3,000 per month.

Before we can give you an accurate number, we suggest scheduling your Business Intensive so we can adequately assess your needs.

Yes. We operate primarily as a Chief of Operations role inside your company, which includes guiding and supporting you through the process related to your business’s growth and development.

Please be aware though we are trained in trauma-resolution work, this container is NOT geared around trauma resolution. It is explicitly suggested for folks craving support with their company’s technical build-out and management.

If you believe you require more personal support in trauma resolution, please contact Soph directly

NO. We value boundaries and maintaining space in our business which is why ALL communication will happen inside our platform, ClickUp, where you will have a Chat feature to connect with Soph and the rest of the team.

We are available Monday-Friday between 9 am-3 pm PST, excluding holidays and weekends.

We ONLY work with clients who build out their business within our system, ScaleUP.

We offer complimentary complete migration for each agency client. Our team will migrate over all of your assets from any previous software you may have used, including Kajabi, Clickfunnels, Ontraport, Acuity, Kartra, etc.

The software is complimentary for the full 6-months of our service and is then offered at a special rate of $97/month or $997/year afterward.

You can learn more about ScaleUP and its full functionality by clicking here.

NO. We do NOT offer social media management and will NOT be responsible for creating social media posts, scheduling, or inbox management.

We WILL work with you on creating a streamlined plan for HOW to leverage your social accounts to grow your email list and scale your business, but you, or your team, will be responsible for creating and distributing content on such platforms.

We operate refunds and early cancellations on a strictly case-by-case basis.

Suppose, for whatever reason, either party is not fully satisfied with the container or does not feel confident continuing to work together. In that case, we will negotiate a fair and equitable refund based on the services already rendered.

Our company reserves the right to dismiss and end contracts with clients who continuously overstep boundaries, perpetuate harmful productivity practices, or perform any problematic antics within their business.


Such behaviors include and are not limited to:

Homophobia, transphobia, aggressive interactions such as yelling, screaming, or name-calling, excessive micro-management, racist or unethical business practices, manipulative marketing tactics, or a non-negotiable difference in personal values.

To learn more about our values and business practices, please click here.

Once our work is complete, we’ll begin the off boarding process and hand over all assets to you.


Our base package for monthly maintenance after the initial six months starts at $1,000/month and is run on a month-to-month contract with the request for a 30-day notice to cancel.

This package includes the following:

A monthly 90-minute consultation with our team to receive insight and support on recommendations for scaling.

Up to 10 hours per month of Virtual Assistant support from our trained technicians in the case of any technical errors, updates, or fixes.

The monthly cost of our CRM is valued at $97/month and is included in the monthly maintenance package.

Monthly finance and sales reports delivered to your inbox with updates on your top performing email campaigns.

We welcome all the questions and encourage you to reach us at hey@thesacred.ceo to explore hopping on a connection call with one of our team members.

We only want you to choose to invest in such a service if you feel 100% confident in working with us.

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